Soularity Sound is a full service post production audio company based in Austin, TX

Led by owner and creative director, Korey Pereira, Soularity Sound provides post production audio services for a variety of projects such as commercials, films, television, and web. Although based in Austin, Texas, Soularity Sound is able to provide services to clients worldwide. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

Services We Offer

Sound Editing

The last thing you want is for your audience to be distracted by bad sound. Production sound frequently requires editing in order to produce a clean, consistent audio track. Proper sound editing will save you valuable time (and money) when it comes time for the final mix.

Foley + Sound Effects

While SFX libraries are a great resource for finding sound effects to bring life to your film, there will always be certain parts in every project that require the creation of custom sounds. This is where SFX and foley recording come in.

ADR + Voiceover

When recording sound on set, not everything you capture is going to be usable. ADR (also known as "dubbing") is the process of replacing bad location sound with dialogue that has been cleanly recorded in a studio.

Sound Design

Sound design is the process of searching for (and often creating) the perfect set of sounds to complement your film. The first step in this process involves watching the film (in a spotting session) to establish an aural aesthetic and identify sound cues that will add to the story.


The mixing process brings together all audio elements of a project: dialogue, sound effects, foley and music to create a soundscape that matches the desired visual aesthetic. This is the final step in the post production audio process.

Production Sound

In addition to post production audio services, we also offer location sound recording. Equipped with a variety of professional gear, we are ready and able to help capture the best sound possible for your project.

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